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Silver Square Charms. Twin Duvet Covers. Pillow Cases. Women's Hoodies. Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirts. Kids Classic T-Shirts. Kids Baseball T-Shirts. Kids Hoodies. Kids Crewneck Sweatshirts. Burp Cloths. After a user finishes playing a minigame, it is indicated right afterwards that they have one more stamp in the minigame than what the user actually had in the minigame.

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If the player has yet to earn all the stamps in that game, they would only receive double coins if the sum of stamps that they currently have and stamps that are shown in this glitch are equal to the total number of stamps in that game. At The Fair , when you go into the Unplugged Arcade Machine and put on one of the action items and press dance you will see a 3d penguin behind you to the dance as if it were not in the arcade machine.

If you press "D" an even number of times in succession your penguin will always dance in such a way that its eyes, beak and top of head will move with different timing than the rest of your penguin's body. Upon entering rooms during The Fair especially the Virtual World , a penguin sprite will turn gray.

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No one but the user can see their penguin as gray an example of both the gray sprite and one of the dancing bugs. You can see a tutorial for doing this here. When a mission starts, occasionally the screen would appear inside a frame containing a crosshair, and a speech bubble saying "undefined" appearing on the upper-left of the screen. According to the Club Penguin Support Team, this does not make you lose coins - but only displays it as negative.

During the Puffle Party , if you do any puffle trick , followed by digging and then followed by the dig on command trick, it would show two puffles, one doing the dig on command the other doing another dig. Sometimes at the puffle hotel, your puffle might stay at the last spa place you went and appear to be alone. It eventually catches up to owner. It comes back to owner's side once the owner leaves room.

This also happens with the Cop Cap.

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The hockey puck in the Ice Rink is supposed to bounce off the walls of the rink and stay inside of the rink, but occasionally, it will get outside rink walls example. If this glitch occurs, all the servers in Club Penguin are shown as empty, yet if one tries to enter any of them, one is unable to and gets the error message stating that the server is full.

A photo of the glitch. This is in the Snow Forts and there isn't a spot where the puffle's status bar will raise in this place.

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In this glitch, the name of one of one's user friends that is on one's Buddy List appears as the name of one of one's mascot friends that is on one's Buddy List including non-existent ones such as Protobot that can be added via JavaScript rather than the friend's actual name. This glitch can occasionally happen involving every mascot.

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If one clicks a mascot's icon on one's Buddy List and then clicks the icon of one of one's user friends, the user friend's name might appear as the mascot 's name sometimes; this is the glitch. However, this glitch is spontaneous and is difficult to intentionally recreate. However, a user's penguin cannot appear invisible to its user in this glitch. This glitch seems to more likely happen if the user just stands by the entrance to a room and another user enters in the same location and has a puffle. In the Club Penguin App , when you enter the Mall , your penguin and others seem to be giant sized.

When you fight the Inquisitor and press S and W repeatedly, you would be stuck in an infinite duel animation.

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If you put on some clothes, the clothes would appear to float in midair. When you are on the Club Penguin app, put on a hard hat and dance. Next, quickly wave and you have an invisible jackhammer! Sometimes when you click on igloos on the map, the name "Penguin" will be displayed instead of your penguin name and the igloo list will be loading forever, the only way to come out is to log out.

This very rarely happens with the settings option.

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In the Ski Village , you can see one chair not moving while the other is. Sometimes when you read the newspaper, after you exit your penguin will still appear to be reading it to both you, and the other players. The only way to stop it is by moving or moving to another room. If your penguin has no items, change it's color purple usually works ; then click on any of the skateboards. You would then temporarily turn old blue for your entire login time. When you log back in you will no longer be old blue, unless if you do the glitch again. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Princess Phoenix49 wrote: Is this a glitch? I remember this happening to me and I don't really remember any problems with it. I think it'll be alright. I solved it. CP did, but I found it out TZ. Llove Kuwait. Hi TZ.

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