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  1. First-Century Truth for a Twenty-first Century World: The Crucial Issue of Biblical Authority
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Johnson , former director of Fortress Press, was involved in teaching and publishing in the area of biblical studies for several decades. He is also the author of The Purpose of the Biblical Genealogies.

First-Century Truth for a Twenty-first Century World: The Crucial Issue of Biblical Authority

From essays that focus on the horizon of the text to essays that consider the horizon of the twenty-first century church, this collection edited by Matthew R. Malcolm and Stanley E.

Porter invites reflection on the illumination that hermeneutical awareness brings to biblical interpretation. This Festschrift in honor of Anthony C.

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Thiselton aims to consider, exemplify, and build upon his insights in philosophical hermeneutics and biblical studies, particularly in relation to Paul and his writings. Nicholas Parish, Harpenden, Great Britain. Stanley E. Matthew R. The Bible is a religious masterpiece, casting a profound vision for the healing of humanity through the power of divine love, grace, and forgiveness.

How can one book speak of loving our enemies and also speak of slaughtering Canaanites? Kenton L. Sparks is professor of biblical studies at Eastern University, St. Davids, Pennsylvania. Many Christians would describe themselves as serious and regular readers of the Bible.

The Meredith J. Sprunger Archive

Yet, if we are honest, most of us have a tendency to stick with the parts of the Bible that we understand or are comforted by, leaving vast tracts of Scripture unexplored. What our modern minds shy away from, however, ancient, medieval, and Reformation commentators dove into. John L. After a probing explanation of how and why he uses Scripture to shape theological thought, Volf applies his interpretive principles to 1 Peter, the Gospel of John, 1 John, and Ecclesiastes. Biblical scholars today often sound as if they are caught in the aftermath of Babel—a clamor of voices unable to reach common agreement.

Yet is this confusion necessarily a bad thing? Many postmodern critics see the recent profusion of critical approaches as a welcome opportunity for the emergence of diverse new techniques. Collins considers the effect of the postmodern situation on biblical, primarily Old Testament, criticism over the last three decades. Olyan , Samuel Ungerleider Jr.

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Professor of Judaic Studies, Brown University. John J. Porter , Jason C. Formato: Digital. Editorial: Eerdmans.

Overview This collection gathers an engaging variety of scholarly texts that tackle important issues in biblical interpretation. Key Features Tackles tough issues in biblical hermeneutics Provides a thorough history of biblical interpretation through the Reformation Includes a Festschrift in honor of Anthony Thiselton Offers an exploration of typological interpretation. Harvey A History of Biblical Interpretation, vol. Watson and Alan J. Hauser A History of Biblical Interpretation, vol. Johnson Horizons in Hermeneutics edited by Stanley E.

Eerdmans Biblical Interpretation Collection (13 vols.)

Porter and Matthew R. This roadmap through the field of theological interpretation of Scripture is a feast for the mind—and for the edification of the church. This wise and timely book will guide preachers and worship leaders in the service of the Word for the life and mission of the church. A major book, The Word of God for the People of God covers a wide range of themes—and covers all of them well.

Levering , professor of theology, University of Dayton In The Word of God for the People of God , Todd Billings gets to the core of the issues and states them with great clarity and firmness of line. Leonhard Goppelt was a German theologian and New Testament scholar. Why should an ethicist or moral theologian read this book? It is historical understanding, with its origins in the past, its present meaning, and its guidance for the future.

Not only explanation is involved but also motivation. He blends together disciplines—philosophy, philology, phenomenology, and theology—that tend to shed each other like oil and water. Collord Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, Princeton Theological Seminary This little gem of a book places hermeneutics in its original context of biblical interpretation and so renders it both intelligible and available to wider philosophical enquiry.

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The result is a book that can both delight a scholar and serve as a text for a course in hermeneutics. A dashing good read! We have needed a book like this for some time. It not only traces the philosophical issues and major figures but does so concisely and readably. This is a must-read for college and seminary classes as well as for anyone who wants to be grounded in the theoretical issues behind the process of interpreting texts.

Stan Porter—already well known for his prolific writing, especially in Greek linguistics and hermeneutical theory—here teams up with his former student Jason Robinson to provide such a volume. This is a text that will help readers with significant grounding in the discipline to connect many dots that they otherwise might never have realized form coherent patterns.

Warmly to be welcomed. Their survey of the best thinking on the subject is a masterpiece. Here is the book for those who find hermeneutical theory mysterious and baffling. Some Christians also regard the Deuterocanonical books or Apocrypha as part of the Bible. The Deuterocanonical are books that are accepted as scripture by Roman Catholics and the Eastern Churches, but they were not in the Hebrew Canon and are not regarded as canonical by Protestants.

These books are usually placed after the Old Testament in a Bible. They help to place other books in historical context and offer a different view on the Hebrew Bible. Sources of authority - Christian perspectives The Bible The Christian holy book is the Bible and this is the most important source of authority for Christians, as it contains the teachings of God and Jesus Christ. Against this backdrop of the wild ride in the antiquities world, one in which many of the greatest museums have been snookered by forgeries or authentic items with forged documents, we recruited numerous top experts in various fields, including Dirk Obbink.

Then he showed us what appeared to be one of the greatest discoveries since Bernard Grenfell and Arthur Hunt had excavated the bonanza of papyri in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, in the late s. But this gifted communicator with a rare streak of creativity fell victim to his own excitement. He prematurely informed Wallace that it was okay to announce it during his debate with leading atheist scholar Bart Ehrman in February The announcement went viral —at least in the world of biblical literature scholars.

Wallace says he and Carroll met the night before the debate and that Carroll showed him additional Greek manuscripts—but not the four we had seen in Oxford. Even though it was the star scholar Obbink who was involved he said he was selling the manuscripts on behalf of a private collection—a common practice , the funder from Hobby Lobby agreed to maintain our due diligence, so I consulted further expert opinion. Neither he nor anyone else was willing to vouch with any confidence for a pre-second century date on any of the pieces.

Since nondisclosure was a non-negotiable from Obbink allegedly on the part of the owners , Head and I mutually agreed not to have him involved. The other scholars sat with me at different times and places and studied the four images from my laptop another condition.