Guide Cultura di Genere : Scenari e percorsi (Italian Edition)

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  4. Cultura di Genere : Scenari e percorsi (Italian Edition)

Kherkheulidze, A. Casonato, E. Ceccherini, N. Lupo, A. Rinella, A.


Torre, L. Volpe eds , Le vie di comunicazione del costituzionalismo contemporaneo. Groppi, M. Decaro, N. Lupo, G. Decaro, M. Dentamaro eds.

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Alicino, A. Borroni, V. Albert, S.

Abstract in progress

Ranchordas, M. Martinico, R. Albert, A. Baraggia, C. Alicino, V. Scotti eds , Defining Religion. Ciola ed , Turkey facing Its future. Locci ed , Io sono Turco! Benedizione, V. Scotti eds , Twenty Years After Dayton. Rivista di Studi Mediterranei, 3, Review to M.

Aymes, B. Gourisse, E. Massicard eds , Order and Compromise. Also in S.

Stavridis, D. Le elezioni turche del 1 novembre e la promessa costituente, in Alexis. Testi per il dialogo giuridico euro-mediterraneo, 4, Fra overruling e conferme giurisprudenziali. Turchia II. An american buddhist teacher offers a model of an undomesticated feminine, neither meek nor submissive, but self conscious, fierce, wise and spiritual, an antidote to toxic masculinity. Following her ideas in this workshop we will experience in a psychodramatic way towards an empowered feminine on the basis of wisdom, love and compassion. Maybe it will help us to survive.

Tibetans have Prajnjaparamita, the mother of all, who is wisdom and love. I was amazed how easily the method of psychodrama finds its role in in organisational context. Although, people in business prefer not to pronounce the name, but they eagerly participate and enjoy the process and appreciate the outcomes. About the workshop. The goal of the workshop is to show how to use psychodrama, sociodrama, work with objects and other techniques in team and leadership diagnostics and development. Who would benefit most from the workshop.

Psychotherapists — new or experienced — who work or plan working in the organizational context with the method of psychodrama.

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  8. The family into which we are born is the foundation, the basis for the growth of the person who is today. A family is made up of the feelings and relationships between people — intimacy, caring, loyalty, support and love. The family is the only place in the world where people are loved not for what they do or give, but for being who they are.

    During the workshop, we will examine how to survive in the family if it is not secure: how to support and hold, and whether it is possible to increase the security of all family members, so that love could grow and transform. We will also learn whether this will allow to change the existing family patterns.

    The workshop employs the methods of psychodrama, family constellations, family systems therapy and Imago and EFT relationship therapy. I am a graduate of the Tallinn Psychodrama Institute.

    Gender as Social Practice | rucola

    I have also started studying to become a family therapy trainer, and I am a student of systemic family constellation. We realized that as white, middle aged, heterosexual, working men, we where the norm; whenever someone was referring to whom is normal, or stating a difference, it was different from us… or better, it was different from the stereotype we represent. We decided that this was not only a responsibility, as inclusion, de facto, means that we have to become more inclusive, but also that we where called to live to a standard, a stereotype, that was limiting our authentic and free expression too.

    We came to the conclusion that we want more, for ourselves as men, for our organizations and for our communities. Human mind is hypothesis-driven and our observations of the world are strongly shaped by preconceptions.

    Esperienze e strumenti per cultura e territorio

    My second argument is that changing the balance between these two processes is important and feasible. Insights from psychodynamic transference and savant syndrome are presented to support these ideas. Uniting these contemporary notions with some essentials of J.

    Because spontaneity is formed before having the evidence for its truth or adequacy, it entails, in adults, overcoming apprehensions about acting without a theory in mind. This is what trusting-the-process means and it requires training, which psychodrama fosters on its stage laboratory. The workshop aims to explore the diversity that characterize people, looking for points of contact and connections, countering prejudice and perceived threats.

    The dynamics of desire are forged in our childhood experiences and our sexual preferences are shaped by the thrills, challenges and conflicts of our early relationships. Were we held or neglected? Loved or abandoned? Did we experience pleasure or did we learn not to expect too much? What did our family teach us about our body, our gender and our sexuality? Our first attachment experiences provide us with a template for what we expect to happen or will not allow in an intimate relationship. Sex is a clue on how we deal with closeness, how we deal with control or surrender and how we manage pleasure.

    It reflects how vulnerable we allow ourselves to be and how we receive, ask, give or take. This experiential workshop is designed to give an opportunity for personal exploration and professional development and will help explore our unique erotic blueprint in a safe and supportive environment. The group will examine different ways of working on, analyzing and contextualizing sexuality in a therapeutic setting.

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    We will explore how to create a safe space to deal with the issues around intimacy, vulnerability, pleasure, desire, identity, sexual orientation, gender, sexual preferences, fantasies and erotic dreams. The ultimate aim in this workshop will be to initiate a transformative process of self awareness so as to playfully rekindle our creativity and desire.

    Cultura di Genere : Scenari e percorsi (Italian Edition)

    Learning Objectives: After attending this workshop, participants will be able to: 1. Describe the alternative action methods presented that could be applied among the physically impaired population; 2. Apply the alternative action methods appropriate for use among the physically impaired population. This Workshop aims to present methodology for offering psychodrama to people with mobility impairment — inherited or acquired through accident, illness or with age problems. Applying action methods among the physically impaired population can be considered difficult or impossible; therefore, this large diverse group is often excluded from the benefits of the powerful method of psychodrama.

    The author of this workshop believes that psychodrama and sociometry have a lot to offer to people with a mobility impairment, with the help of props, imagination and unique adaptations of the method.